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Public Safety

The crime rate is at a 30-year low, but this does not mean we should rest on our laurels. That is why as a city council member, I will propose plans to sustain the gains we have made in public safety by maintaining current funding levels for our police and increase funding at the fire department to address its chronic staff shortages. I will work to eliminate disparities that contribute to crime, homelessness, and food insecurity.

Small Business Development

I will work with local business leaders to develop ways to support Brooklyn Park’s entrepreneurs and small businesses. It will require a reexamination of regulations that stifle small business growth. The goal will be created a climate for creating jobs by shifting the focus to entrepreneurship, training, and access to capital.

The council must nurture small businesses by creating an ecosystem that allows them to grow and thrive. If we have a clear vision for our economy, encourage public and private investment in our city, provide the best support, reduce unnecessary bottlenecks, and offer an unrivaled quality of life, we will succeed in strengthening Brooklyn Park’s economy.

Affordable Housing

We have a housing crisis in Brooklyn Park. It is my pledge to work with the city, county, and state authorities, along with housing advocates to identify and provide resources to improve residential housing stocks in the city. I am interested in how we leverage loans and tax increment financing to include different housing stocks.

For the past decade, home ownership rates have steadily declined, but the number of renters has greatly increased. The supply of rental homes has not come close to keeping up with the growing demand. Based on a well-established rule of thumb, rent should be no more than 30% of income, the average rent in Brooklyn Park is $816. This means the full-time salary of the average nursing assistant may not be enough to get a decent one-bedroom apartment.

Public Health

As COVID-19 cases increase and more people have to stay home, workers are losing their jobs, health care systems are overwhelmed, many local businesses are at risk of closing permanently. The pandemic laid bare the structural inequities and injustices that threaten the city’s well-being, safety, and prosperity.

Ensuring that every resident gets tested and receive a COVID vaccine will be my top priority as your mayor. I will work to eliminate the impact of physical, social, and environmental factors: housing conditions, racism, and economic conditions, all of which affect health status over time. I will pursue a combined focus on community and policies that impact stability and design programs that alter and alleviate the underlying forces at the heart of the social determinants of health.

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