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  • Coordinated a state-wide initiative to mitigate the impact of COVID-19; connected people to resources; and supported testing centers, including one here in Brooklyn Park.


  • Voted to hire an outside research firm to evaluate policing, community safety, and violence prevention.


  • Enacted policy that transitioned the Brooklyn Park Fire Department from volunteer part-time to full-time firefighters.


  • Fast-tracked the disbursement of over $3 million in CARES funds to address rental assistance, provide mortgage support, the second round of funds for small businesses, and maintain the capacity for local grassroots organizations.


  • Voted for the repairs and construction of additional miles of pedestrian and bike trails around the city with connectivity to the Three Rivers Park system.


  • Voted to purchase a building for a business incubation center to support small and micro enterprises.


  • Meet Developed a comprehensive immigration strategy with the help of Congressional, states, cities, national organizations, and local advocacy partnerships that culminated in the passage in Congress of the Liberian Refugee Immigration Fairness Act that provided relief to 10,000 Liberian DED holders and supported TPS extension for citizens of Haiti, South Sudan, Somalis, Yemenis, Haitians, and Hondurans immigrants.


  • Supported policies to improve living conditions and housing for all residents and worked with both property owners and residents to improve housing and keep it affordable in the city.


  • Supported the redevelopment of three parks – Hartkopf, Lakeland, and Norwood. The parks have new playground equipment, loop walking trails with solar lights, and multipurpose athletic fields.


  • Partnered with Second Harvest Heartland, Minnesota’s largest food bank, to secure $18 million to open a new facility in Brooklyn Park


  • Provided money to the West African & Family Center to purchase and distribute African and other ethnic food items at its local food shelf.


  • Voted to support the Organization of Liberians in Minnesota to purchase and distribute ethnic foods to community members struggling to put food on their tables during COVID-19.


  • As chair of the NW Minneapolis Tourism Board, I proposed and voted to give IgboFest's planners $5,000 to support the hosting of its annual event in Brooklyn Park.


  • Hosted a grant writing workshop to build the capacity of community nonprofits and residents to receive city, county, state, and federal funds.


“Experience Matters.”

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